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Ion Foot Cleansing

Ion Foot Cleansing

onic foot baths are machines that purportedly pull out toxic heavy metals and negative ions through the soles of the feet, via the kidney meridian of the Chinese acupuncture system. The Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath, manufactured by the company A Major Difference, drains lymphatic toxins into a basin of water.

Ionic foot baths allow people to soak their feet in salt water through which low-voltage current is transmitted via an electrode assembly called an “array.”
Ion Foot Cleansing
  • When the array is placed in a saline solution bath with the feet and allowed to deliver direct electrical current into the water, metals in the array interact with the saline and generate positively and negatively charged ions.

    These ions reportedly neutralize charged particles in the body, pulling them through the skin via diffusion and osmosis. In the case of ionic foot baths, the higher concentration is the ion field generated by the array in the saline.

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