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Conversation With Transformation Therapy

Conversation With Transformation Therapy

Any number of ailments, diseases, and dysfunctions can afflict us based on toxicity far beyond that of a poor diet, lack of exercise, and poisons in our environment.

Conversation With Transformation Therapy 1

They can be the direct result of unexpressed thoughts and feelings.

These buried emotions are a ticking time bomb. As they pile up, our physical bodies begin to show signs and symptoms of our emotional woundedness.

  • Perhaps the pounds start creeping on and you’re plagued with sugar cravings, irritability, gas and bloating.
  • Maybe chronic fatigue, joint pain, insomnia or thyroid and adrenal issues set in.
  • More seriously, if this baggage is carried long enough it could even result in something as life threatening as cancer.

Just like showering, and brushing your teeth on a daily basis you must practice good emotional hygiene with this form of talk therapy.

Conversation with Transformation:

Are you ready to be empowered with your words and conversations? As in other areas of our life we learn a particular way of communicating that may not be authentic and truly expressive.

Thereby, missing opportunities for understanding other peoples expressions and situations and transforming relationships.

All too often we have verbal exchanges leaving us incomplete, unacknowledged, and dis-empowered.

You will be given dialoging tools for transformation and empowerment, resulting in authentic expression.

Awaken yourself to a new freedom within, thru conversation with transformation!

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