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Colon HydroTherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonics, colon irrigation, colon cleansing … whichever you prefer, cleansing and rebuilding the colon is one of the most essential steps to enhancing your health & well-being and reclaiming your life.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a great pre-treatment for a Colonoscopy. A few consecutive day sessions are required prior to the procedure.

NOTE: We do not offer OPEN SYSTEM Colon Hydrotherapy

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Closed System is Available On-Site :

Colon hydration is an ancient healing technique in which warm pure water is used to hydrate the large intestine through the rectum with single use disposable supplies. The hydration is a repeated process in which filtered water is instilled, into the colon softening debris and it is released out over the course of the session

  • We do not offer OPEN System Hydrotherapy

    We only offer closed system.

    This information is for education only.

    During an open colonic system session, a thin water tube is inserted into the anus. The water tube allows a flow of warm water to enter the anus and colon. The patient’s hips are placed beside a basin which catches the released internal waste. During the process, the patient must push out the water and waste to expel it from the colon and into the basin.

  • At the beginning of the healing and cleansing therapy, the single-use, disposable device is inserted as you lay on your side. As you turn onto your back, the practitioner begins the flow of temperature-controlled, filtered water. The practitioner facilitates the full session and, through the viewing tube, if you choose, you can observe what your body is eliminating.

    With your permission, the practitioner may facilitate abdominal massage work to allow the water to move through the whole large bowel which is as long as you are tall.

A Brief History of Colonics

A Brief History of Colonics The benefits of colon cleansing were first documented as far back as the ancient Egyptians in 1500 B.C. They believed that toxins released as a by-product of decomposition of foods in the intestines would infiltrate the body through the bloodstream and cause a number of illnesses and diseases. They believed that the colon needed to be totally evacuated in order to protect the body from being attacked by these toxins. The Hindus, Chinese and Louis XIV, The Sun King of France, have all used this healing technique. Famously Princess Diana put colonics on top priority for those wanting to lose weight and get help with their food addictions and allergies when The Globe published in 1993 that Princess of Wales started having her bowels washed regularly: “which helped release her from anorexia, headaches, tiredness, allergies, depression, candida, migraines and bulimia. Lady Diana credited the use of cleansing colonics for her radiant complexion and silken hair.” History, royalty and ancient healing methodology sometimes does have it right. Over the centuries this concept of “auto-intoxication” has come in and out of ‘vogue.’ It really wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that modern science and microbiology began to support this concept with real proof


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Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Colon hydrotherapy is just one of many methods you can use to cleanse your colon. With hydration, your bowels are hydrated by a closed tubular system that flows purified / filtered water into your colon and then the bodies own muscle contraction and relaxation flows it back out.

As the liquid is removed, the built up mucus, sludge, and other waste material in your colon are removed as well. Colonic hydration is not the same as an enema, because an enema does not utilize a closed system. Rather than drawing the waste and liquid back out, an enema involves holding the liquid in your colon for a few moments before you release it in the toilet. Furthermore, hydration provides a more effective cleansing than the little squirt-bottle effect of an enema.

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Increasing Effectiveness of Colonic Irrigation:

Increasing Effectiveness of Colonic Irrigation: The most important and beneficial change you can make, is to add more fiber to your diet.Fruit and vegetables are filled with fiber, as are breads and cereals made from whole grains. Be sure to include plenty of high-fiber foods in your diet and you will notice your colon starting to work more efficiently. Every person’s needs are very individualized. Contact Pathways for your specific needs

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Understanding the Difference: Colonic vs A Detox

Sometimes the terms colon cleansing and detox are used interchangeably and sometimes they can mean the same thing. The difference is in what you are trying to accomplish.

Colon cleansing is usually understood as a process for eliminating built up waste and fecal matter from the digestive tract in order to establish more efficient digestion and metabolism of foods we are eating

Every person’s system will go through a totally different detoxification with the elimination, and you will notice a difference in the way you feel.

Colon Cleansing Benefits Overall:

Cleansing your colon is very beneficial and you are likely to notice an improvement in your health almost immediately.

This is because the colon accumulates mucus, sludge, and toxic waste in its lining in response to choices of items put into ones mouth and onto ones skin. This buildup is your colon’s natural way of protecting itself from the impurities in the foods, such as the fats and artificial additives. Unfortunately, the mucus becomes excessive and slows down the digestive process.

Therefore, you may begin to experience constipation, gas, bloating, weight gain, irritability, cravings and much more!

Even if the ‘waste’ in your colon is not enough to cause constipation, it can contribute to a number of other illnesses. This is because the waste adheres to the colon’s lining and results in a release of toxins back into your bloodstream.

This can cause you to experience chronic fatigue, allergies, or even skeletal and muscle pain

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