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Pathways Holistic Center is a full service healing destination in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Our staff has worked closely with clients for nearly 20 years to restore health from within by cleansing, nourishing and transforming the way we live. Combining a variety of holistic healing methods, from Body Ecology to in-depth detoxification programs and nutritional consultation, we help shape a new path to reclaim life and become balanced & whole once again


We also take great pride in specializing in prepared foods and other gourmet healthy eating options for our surrounding community. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite for lunch or looking to stock your fridge and pantry with natural, healthy ingredients, our selection of wraps, salads, sprouts, sea veggies, cultured veggies, soups, dressings and more are the perfect way to eat happy and healthy!


Sherry Wachter

Sherry is an RN, Certified Holistic Nurse, Certified Body Ecologist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and instructor, Certified in Lifeline Technique, Healing Meals Creator, Certified Food Handler / Processor, studied the Ann Wigmore way, Maternal Child Nurse, Oncology Nurse, Master Nutritionist, Grief and Bereavement consultant. Studied with Dr. Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils) for vibrational healing with powerful oils. Highly educated to teach others’ how to live off the land for self healing — in many ways Sherry has been self taught and self healed of many medical diagnosis… “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, Hippocrates – Owner of Pathways Holistic Center in Emmaus PALet us assist in the creation of YOUR unique healing.




Bear is our darling four year old buddy. You can see him playing outside and he absolutely loves visitors!

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