Nourishment Starts With the Inner Child

Sherry 21

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We are spiritual beings having a physical body having a mental, emotional physical experience.

Mental and emotional dimensions inform our physical experience.

Where do we start?

Nourishment really needs to start with the inner child, the emotional body. The emotional body is directly connected to the thought body (2nd chakra) and it continues to be rejected.

So, how do we nourish the emotional body? Just write. It’s a challenge because most of us don’t want to hear what needs to be felt. We need to feel to heal. Your emotional body needs to be heard and be safe to express whatever it wants to share with you. It doesn’t mean it has to make sense; it doesn’t matter at all.

Once you have written, do not keep what has been written. Cellular memory is cellular memory – our bodies have held it. Now that you’ve brought it out, it needs to go. Period. Done. Write it, do not reread it, and get rid of it. 

Then, that’s where things shift.

Imagine the “infinity” sign in the shape of a figure 8. It is the forever figure 8 connecting our emotional body with our thought body all the time. When we are able to redefined the relationship between the two, when they are united, it’s amazing the shift that happens in our intestine.

You’ll find that your bowel movements are different when you change the relationship between the 1st  2nd , and 3rd energy chakras that allows your heart to fuel your lower body. That’s where the real issues are. As I like to say, “Your heart can’t go anywhere when this shit’s stuck.” 

2020 calls for us to have greater vision on how we protect ourselves with all that’s going on globally. We have to protect ourselves with everything that’s being filtered down in what we’re walking on, breathing in, touching, on our land. And the importance is to protect ourselves.

We need to be super sensitive to ourselves with lots of veggies, avocados, a pinch of Celtic sea salt under one’s tongue every hour, lots of bone broth, sea veggie broth, veggies, veggies, veggies, and veggies and a whole lotta cabbage to support the gut.

Tune in next week to continue learning specifics for nourishing your body, and in the meantime, get writing!