Pathways Holistic Center is a full service healing destination in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Our staff has worked closely with clients for 15+ years to restore health from within by cleansing, nourishing and transforming the way we live.

Combining a variety of holistic healing methods, from Body Ecology philosophies to in-depth detoxification programs and nutritional consultation, we help shape a new path to reclaim life and become balanced & whole once again.

Holistic Healing Packages

Pathways offers a number of modalities to supplement practices of self-care and emotional hygiene learned in one of our upcoming classes. These will further heal and detoxify the body and include colon hydrotherapy, ion foot cleansing, implants, and infrared therapeutic sauna sessions. We've put together three different packages for you to get the best value and most comprehensive, deep-healing experience. Check out our Services page for more information.

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Clean, Gourmet Takeout Meals!

Ever wish you could pick up the phone and order a healthy meal that was tasty AND didn't leave you feeling lethargic, bloated, and gassy after? What if that meal could include grains that were sprouted and alive, or wild-caught fish free from harmful dies and pesticides, or organic chicken void of drugs and hormones? At Pathways we specialize in nutrition. Our properly combined meals will support your inner ecology and leave you feeling energized and satisfied. Pre-order one, a week's worth, or even a month's worth and see exactly what we're talking about.

What We’re Offering

Some of the classes we offer are Nutrition 101, Intro to Skin Brushing, Intro to Food Combining, and Intro to Conversation with Transformation!

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"Living the greater part of my 41 years of life in fear and fear of rejection, Sherry and her staff from Pathways has helped me to open up a new beginning by awakening my innerself from the numb feelings caused by the destruction of not knowing how to effectively express everyday feelings. I now have the tools necessary to recongnize my feelings, acknowledge my feelings and live a life of freedom. Thanks to Pathways, my journey down the road of life has been repaved with a stronger, solid foundation. I feel alive, free, energized, safe and joyful - feelings I have not been able to express or experience in many years. I will be forever grateful to the staff of Pathways for their guidence in helping me uncover, awaken, and effectively expresses myself." - Eileen Wagner
Eileen Wagner

Many blessings and healthy regards!